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Hello Eric

This is your test page.

I made a change here to show you how to get two galleries on the same page.
So, here is how it works:

Insert half, (notice I added 10px on the right side) Click add Gallery, The screen opens, click the grayed out area and choose the gallery you want. Click insert gallery.
Choose the second half. Click the next gallery and repeat.

See the note below.

(You could also put them on separate pages and put a graphic on a page and link it to the new pages)

Please be sure to use the preview button on the right side to see how your changes will appear on the site BEFORE hitting Publish (the blue button on the right)

And if you really just want to start over you can click in the upper left corner where the site name is. A warning will appear and you can choose to leave the page (it says site but you will still be logged in and you can come back0

Be sure to LOG OUT of the site when you have finished.

Grape Press 4 Sale

10 Gallon Basket Press, complete with all the custom wood blocks and ratcheting screw unit.  Cast iron, 3 legs, oak staves.  $35.
Contact John Scheel jscheel@eclipsecontrols.com

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