Come to the Wisconsin Vintners Association50th Anniversary Dinner & Celebration on June 3rd

In December 1970, seven people who were equally passionate about making homemade wine decided to get together in order to exchange ideas about their hobby.  At this first meeting each talked a little bit about what kind of wine they made and their respective successes and failures in crafting drinkable wines from both grapes and other fruits (and perhaps even a few vegetables). Realizing the fruitfulness (pun intended) of this initial conversational endeavor, these seven individuals quickly took steps to create what would become the Wisconsin Vintners Association, submitting articles of incorporation to the state of Wisconsin and writing a constitution along with a set of By-Laws. Now, on Friday June 3rd, 2022, the WVA will hold a special dinner to commemorate the beginning of our club with a 50th year anniversary dinner. In actuality, the year of 2022 is actually our 52nd year, however, our celebratory dinner has had to be postponed for the past two years due to COVID, so yes, we are definitely ready to celebrate!.

As a WVA member, please make plans to attend this once in a lifetime event to commemorate the fact that your club has not only achieved its Gold Anniversary, but also that it has the distinction of being the largest and second oldest amateur winemaking club in the United States and Canada. How can you not join in the celebration of this unique honor? So, without further ado, click on the link below to not only register for this event but to also receive further information about what is planned and what to expect.  The deadline to register is May 29th but please don’t wait until the last day.  This celebration will be held at The Radisson Hotel, the same place where we have our annual Dinner Dance.

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