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The Wisconsin Vintners Association (WVA) is located in the Milwaukee, WI area and devoted to the exciting and challenging world of amateur winemaking. Organized in 1970, the group has not only fostered the art of producing excellent wine at home, but has also provided a setting for enjoyable social events and lasting friendships.
The WVA is an educational organization focusing on teaching its members the fundamentals of wine making. In addition, the group provides the opportunity to explore the uniqueness of wines, scientifically learn how to test and assess wines, study the components and subtleties of creating fine wines and most importantly, share the knowledge and fun with others.

Monthly membership meetings, the website and newsletters address interesting and informative topics directed at the amateur wine makers. The WVA also holds club judgings and runs the WI State Fair Amateur Winemakers Competition. 
A broad cross-section of people, ranging from beginners to experts, join together to share their knowledge and experience. Whatever an individual’s level of interest – meetings, educational information, judgings and contests or pure fun – the WVA offers it all.

Request for membership (Includes two people). Please note the dues period for a membership starts on June 1 and expires on May 31st of every year. 

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