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WVA Mission Statement

Founded in 1970, the mission of The Wisconsin Vintners Association is to (1) educate members about the fundamentals of winemaking, (2) stay informed about new winemaking methods and techniques, (3) provide members with access to fresh fruit to make wine, and (4) perform all these endeavors within a warm and inviting social setting so that lifelong friendships are created along with award-winning wines.
Since its inception, the WVA has grown from a mere handful of members to a 2018 membership list of 291, making it one of the oldest and largest amateur winemaking clubs in the United States.
Over the past decade the WVA, which is a nonprofit organization, has also dedicated itself to philanthropy by annually donating money to universities and other organizations that promote winemaking education or research activities.
We welcome into our association anyone who is interested in learning about wine and winemaking, and desires a collegial setting to mutually pursue this vintner’s art and science.

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